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  Who uses Smart? Well everyone has a need for the service and the benefits far outweigh the cost. The most effective method to be certain your purchase turns out positive if you are a buyer.

If you’re selling your personal vehicle watch your cell phone and inbox flood with the buyers willing to bypass the usual get-to-know-you part of the sales process and jump straight into buying your vehicle.

For dealers the Smart Pre-Sale Inspection
  will become your most effective yet least paid
Salesman on your lot. Instills instantaneous confidence in your product by hiring third-party evaluations of your vehicles and post the report for anyone to see.

This method builds more confidence in your product then the best ever human salesman ever could have and most likely for more gross profit. How can this be? The remarkable power of the Smart Pre-Sale Inspection Report is so comprehensive and convincing it sells the car for you.
Smart Pre-Purchase Inspection
Buyers are happy when they have ordered a Smart Inspection for peace of mind when purchasing local or long distance. Nothing is more compelling than a Smart Pre-Purchase Inspection Report when making that crucial vehicle buying decision.

Long distance buyers feel as though they were actually there themselves kicking the tires. Local buyers feel validated the car was as nice as it appeared to be inside and out. Then others discover there suspicions were warranted. Either outcome is a huge success for educated consumers just like you, Order Today!
Want to sell you car and get the best response in the least amount of time? Order a Smart Pre-Sale Inspection to instantly verify the quality of your vehicle through an internet posted third-party unbiased opinion.

We provide you a link to the report to give your buyers, along with a phone number to verify the authenticity. A priceless tool you cannot afford to be without.
Have tons of inventory to move? Need to increase online and local sales? Dealers use Smart Inspections to increase gross profit as well as increase per unit revenues through product confidence. Nothing seals the deal quicker than a Smart Inspection Report for every car online you sell.

Each auction/ adver- tisement contains a link that opens the report for each visitor to view. Those visitors are instantly converted to buying customers bypassing many phases of the decision making process, directly as a result of third-party validation of your quality product. Smart Inspections suddenly becomes cheap to keep as hands-down the highest producing and largest grossing tool in your resource pool.
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