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  Some people say: “If you must have the car inspected, then you probably shouldn’t buy it.” Smart could not disagree more. In fact, we believe all pre-owned vehicle buyers ought to consider a Smart Pre-Purchase Inspection to bridge confidence and trust in the value and reliability of what they buy.   Private sellers order Smart Inspections to instill confidence in the car they are selling, while dealers ought to consider ordering Smart Pre-Sale Inspections on every vehicle they sell to bolster sales numbers and increase gross revenues per-unit.
Below are 10 great reasons to order a Smart Inspection TODAY!
Our management team brings a depth of experience and training to every inspection          with an unrivaled 30 years in the automotive industry!
Smart Pre-Purchase Inspection
Our experts are more knowledgeable than the average dealer, wholesaler or appraisal          company providing vehicle evaluation services. We do our homework!
Totally independent & unbiased third-party verification that that has no compare for          sound, solid peace of mind!
Not affiliated with any dealer, wholesaler, service center or individual seller! We          represent only you! We have nothing to gain if the vehicle sells or not!
With hundreds of vehicles inspected, we have seen the best and worse of every type of          vehicle. None to large, none too small, we have inspected them all!
We eliminate the geographic distance between you and the vehicle, to be more than your
         eyes and ears.
Very cost effective compared to the dealers, service centers or other inspection          companies providing vehicle inspection & or evaluation appraisal services!
The ULTIMATE in convenience! Extremely easy online ordering and online retrieval of the          final inspection report. How much easier could it be?
Our mobile experts are dispatched to the location of the vehicle usually in 24 hours,         depending on seller availability!
WE CAN HELP you avoid purchasing a misrepresented vehicle! Not all sellers are aware          of the issue. We identify the cause and determine the severity!
Smart offers 10 solid benefits of utilizing our Pre-Purchase solutions.
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