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  Everyone takes advantage of Smart Inspections. Buyers, Sellers and Dealers use Smart because we are the leader in nationwide low-cost pre-purchase, pre-sale inspection programs that empower local and online buyers like never before with added confidence in buying anywhere from anyone.

No longer will the internet shopper have to rely on the seller's word or buyer's luck when purchasing online. No longer will the local
  dealer be able to pass a lemon onto educated informed buyers.

Whether you're the Buyer, Seller or Dealer, Smart will dispatch one of our highly trained unbiased inspectors to the location. We perform in-depth, comprehensive 142-point inspections including digital images that support our findings. A report is compiled and posted to the internet. Then an email is sent containing a link to the report, most cases within 24 hours.
Smart Pre-Purchase Inspection
Buyers use Smart Inspections for peace of mind when purchasing local or long distance. Nothing is more compelling than a Smart Pre-Purchase Inspection Report when making that crucial vehicle buying decision.  learn more
Want to sell you car and get the best response in the least amount of time? Order a Smart Pre-Sale Inspection to instantly verify the quality of your vehicle through an internet posted third party opinion.  learn more
Dealers use Smart Inspections to increase per unit revenues through product confidence. Nothing seals the deal quicker than a Smart Inspection Report for every car online you sell.  learn more
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